CED Frontiers

Initiative 2 | Design and Technology Lab


Design thrives at the intersection of ideas, technology, and craft.

On the 4th floor of Wurster Hall, we have established a cross-departmental research laboratory for faculty to explore how fabrication and computation technologies can transform design to address the built environment challenges of the 21st Century. This lab serves as a center for multidisciplinary innovation and as a springboard for new developments in additive manufacturing and materials, large-scale computation, visualization and projection, and fabrication.

Summer 2016 Activity Update

Emerging Fabrication and Analytic Research Centers

This strategic plan initiative aims to develop more robust infrastructure for design research, particularly focused on digital design, new materials, and various forms of digital fabrication.  The newly created space for this type of innovation located in Wurster Hall is dubbed the printFARM and allows for fabrication research and experimentation.  printFARM is a collaboration between faculty members Ron Rael, Richard Hindle, Simon Schleicher and student research assistants.  It is packed with 3-D printers of various types and sizes. In addition, a Data+Design Lab (D+DL) has been established in Wurster Hall as well. D+DL focuses on advanced visualization, spatial analysis and representation, and other forms of data science-based research. The D+DL is a collaboration of Paul Waddell, Nicholas de Monchaux, Iryna Dronova, Kyle Steinfeld, and student research assistants.