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Cal Design Lab

The Cal Design Lab at Wurster Hall is an experimental studio space to promote hands-on, interdisciplinary design activities. Faculty and students from UC Berkeley's many schools and departments can come together at the Cal Design Lab to work on critical design challenges. The goal of the lab is to be a nexus for design research and practice, and to facilitate discourse that transcends different design disciplines.

The lab offers formal space for transdisciplinary seminars and projects, as well as informal space for student teams to work and interact with design coaches or mentors. A large, open workroom offers white boards, foam-core bi-folds, work and drafting tables, sofas and chairs, meeting tables, and some basic rapid prototyping tools and materials. This flexible space fosters studio culture. Unlike classrooms and bench-lab space, Lab users can form teams that expand and disband according to a project’s scope and schedule. Space can be reconfigured for occasional lectures and workshops by invited guests and experts. And the open floor plan encourages cross-pollination of ideas and impromptu critiques.

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See the Cal Design Lab online calendar for classes, workshops, student club meetings and other activities being hosted at the CDL.

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