Global Urban Humanities

Mural: Ovbal y Sego

Global Urban Humanities: Engaging the Humanities and Environmental Design


Co-PI Anthony J. Cascardi, Co-PI Jennifer Wolch, Julia Bryan Wilson, Teresa Caldeira, Margaret Crawford, Whitney Davis, Michael Dear, Shannon Jackson, Alan Tansman, Project Director Susan Moffat, GSR Irene Chien


The Mellon Foundation; Division of Arts & Humanities (College of Letters & Science)

Project Description

Global Urban Humanities: Engaging the Humanities and Environmental Design is a joint initiative that brings together scholars and practitioners from the fields of architecture, urban design, city and regional planning, and landscape architecture, and multiple humanities disciplines - ranging from East Asian languages & culture, comparative literature, and history of art to theater, dance and performance studies. We will develop new theoretical paradigms, research methods, and pedagogical approaches in order to help address the complex problems facing today's global cities and regions.

Thanks to the vision and support of the Mellon Foundation, Engaging the Humanities and Environmental Design creates an opportunity to bring the humanities, which are increasingly aware that people shape the world around them and are in turn shaped by that world, into closer connection with disciplines that regard the built environment as a three-dimensional field. Similarly, the grant creates an opportunity for environmental design scholars to renew their focus on the individuals who experience the built environment, modify and reshape it, embrace it or rebel against it. Such an effort was championed at UC Berkeley in the 1960's and 70's and gave rise to an important field of theory and research known as "social factors in design." With the emergence of vast global cities and metropolitan regions, this collaborative initiative offers new opportunities for discovery and aims to help address some of the most complex global isssues.

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