The Robert Taylor Homes: Failure of Public Housing

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Growing up in the Chicagoland area, I was constantly told to avoid the area surrounding the Robert Taylor Homes. It was not a recommendation, but rather a command from my parents, repeated numerous times throughout my childhood. I never really questioned their reasons until this semester when I took a course on international housing in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. I decided to do some research.

The Robert Taylor Homes, located on the South Side of Chicago, are widely considered the greatest public housing complex in the world—and one of the greatest historical public housing project failures. City planners and historians pinpoint limited eligibility, racist intentions, and overreaching modernist design for the poor outcomes. However, after looking into the project in more detail, I think it is equally essential to consider the placement of these projects in deserted areas as well as their lack of state-sponsored maintenance.

A photograph of the Robert Taylor Homes, taken in the early 1960s, Source:

By the mid-1900s, nearly seventy-five percent of Chicago’s African American citizens resided in a series of neighborhoods on the South Side referred to as the “Black Belt.” The overwhelming majority of homes in the Black Belt were decrepit and nearly uninhabitable, and segregated economically, with the poorest African Americans residing on the northern tip, and their wealthier counterparts living on the southern end. Most strikingly, the Black Belt’s infant mortality rate was sixteen percent greater than anywhere else in Chicago between 1940 and 1960.

In 1946, the Chicago Housing Authority finally acknowledged the substandard living conditions of Black Belt ghetto residents and proposed the development of public housing in regions with lower populations within Chicago.

Although African Americans anticipated an improvement in their living conditions with the creation of public housing projects such as the Robert Taylor Homes in 1961, they were sadly mistaken. For this reason, I believe that the projects did more harm than good. The twenty-eight buildings were colossal and gloomy, reaching over fifteen stories each, with perpetually broken elevators. According to the Affordable Housing Institute, overcrowding was unavoidable, as over 27,000 individuals crammed into a space designed for no more than 11,000. Nearby streets were covered in litter, and the neighborhood lacked any semblance of banks, libraries, or even grocery stores; residents were thus unable to attain public services or purchase basic food staples.

Young children at play in the abandoned hallways of the Robert Taylor Homes in 2003, Photo by Jack Bridges.

Due to an “obsession with cutting cost,” the city of Chicago and state of Illinois lacked the requisite budget to keep the buildings in good condition, and they deteriorated drastically after only several years of existence as crime continued to dominate.Furthermore, it is somewhat troubling to learn that approximately ninety-five percent of Robert Taylor’s 27,000 tenants were unemployed, and drug deals worth nearly $45,000 took place each day. These numbers truly reveal the devastating conditions surrounding this massive, modernist housing project for low-income Chicago residents.

The Chicago Housing Association’s sanguine, post-war perspective on public housing simply resulted in a perpetuation of the already catastrophic subsidized housing on Chicago’s South Side. It is important to ponder the role public administrators played in establishing the budget for construction of the homes as well as their annual maintenance. I believe that until the demise of the Robert Taylor Homes, many city planners failed to recognize the association between proper facility maintenance and their external safety, such as low crime rates, as contrasted with the internal safety of the structures themselves.

Ultimately, I believe that public housing projects are described to young children from certain socioeconomic classes and ethnicities, like myself, with a negative connotation that most of us do not even think to challenge. The dismissive reputations of affordable housing ingrained in many children by their parents, whether intentionally or not, can tremendously shape our outlook on these federal actions as adults. Fortunately for those individuals like myself able to receive an unbiased, critical education, these perceptions are able to be shattered and we can see projects such as the Robert Taylor Homes for what they are: tremendous public housing failures that resulted from pairing lofty ambitions with insufficient funds.

Ariel Prince is an undergraduate student in Political Science at UC Berkeley. She focuses her studies on the intersection between government legislation and the overall well-being of citizens in the United States, and has spent significant time examining housing and financial policies following World War II. She can be reached at

76 Comments on "The Robert Taylor Homes: Failure of Public Housing"

  1. Kevin Cooper September 7, 2013 at 9:08 pm · Reply

    Interesting perspective of Robert Taylor Homes.

    You pointed out several interesting stats out like 95% of RTH were unemployed. What do you think contributed to such a high number? You mentioned the value of daily drug deals on-site in the same sentence as the unemployment stat. Does that mean you think these stats are related? I do not think that is exactly the case.

    I would bet that the City Planners of the day were 100% aware of the relationship between proper facility condition and external safety. Sometimes you can be completely aware of something and do not have the power to change it. For instance, you are aware homelessness exists – can you end homelessness? For adequate maintenance dollars to be invested into RTH – it had to be a group effort – the public, politicians planners, housing administrators all have to be on the same-page to commit a financial commitment. That was obliviously not the case for RTH from your description of the end result.

    Your unbiased – critical education has shattered your negative connotation of RTH, but you still believe RTH is a tremendous public housing failure. I think what RTH stood for – housing for all – was noble, but the execution of this housing development is another tragic example of a positive transformative project falling through the cracks because of a lack of financial commitment.

    Great job on the article. I am definitely interested to see where your studies take you.

    I will be visiting Chicago for the first time this October and I am hoping to see the site of RTH and some of the Black Belt. I am a Urban and Regional Planning Student from Toronto and I am very passionate about all things housing. 🙂

  2. Jason Rayford April 27, 2014 at 10:57 am · Reply

    i have visited the robert taylor homes in 1991 and it was very much depressing

  3. Jason Rayford April 27, 2014 at 10:59 am · Reply

    the disapointmet of the people the cha

  4. Kenya T. September 19, 2014 at 8:35 pm · Reply

    It is no coincidence that Martin Luther King chose Chicago as the lynchpin of his Poor Peoples Campaign and plan to spread the movement to northern cities. After the second migration, Chicago was faced with having many undereducated and untrained blacks fleeing from Mississippi and other southern states that oppressed blacks. However there weren’t enough jobs and housing for these people who weren’t even wanted where they fled from let alone in Chicago. I don’t believe these high rise homes were ever given long term thought. It would have certainly been an easier task to maintain the buildings than to try to solve the problem once it was impossible to manage on any level. The attitude of Daley was to let the monkeys kill eachother. Like every other urban decay in American cities the attitude was and still is to let it take care of itself unless tourist dollars and high end taxpayers are affected. It is not a naive reason why the projects of America are full of all the undesirable people. They are only destroyed when gentrification becomes an option….

  5. assman35 October 23, 2014 at 8:32 am · Reply

    So basically after witnessing a massive public policy failure your conclusion is that we need more government. Predictable.

  6. 5DmarkIII October 28, 2014 at 5:36 pm · Reply

    The saddest sight I ever saw was driving north on I94 and seeing what looked like mile after mile of bleak skyscrapers. This was in August 1996. I learned later that by that point the complex was mostly empty and demolition had started soon after.

    I know they had the best intentions (supposedly), but whoever thought this place was a good idea were out of their goddamn minds.

    • plateshutoverlock . June 9, 2015 at 1:01 pm · Reply

      The buildings were huge, ugly, isolated from most city services and the complex itself is gigantic and meanacing in it’s size alone. Plus they caged up the balconies because people were being thrown off of them, making the place feel like a prison. In other words, this complex was a mega-fail.

      • plateshutoverlock February 11, 2016 at 1:56 pm · Reply

        Looking at these things a bit more closely,
        they look even worse, colder and dehumanizing
        than Soviet era apartment blocks!

    • plateshutoverlock February 11, 2016 at 2:00 pm · Reply

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This fits the former Robert Taylor “Homes” to a t.

  7. Angela December 24, 2014 at 9:16 am · Reply

    Tell me, how is no business in the area, and no jobs for the people a failure of the government? When a bunch of white people move into an area, they create jobs, and employ others. When a bunch of blacks move into an area, not only do they rarely create a single job, but they create white flight. If there are no banks in the area now infested with crime and arson, do you wonder why? Who are killing all those babies too BTW? With all the welfare checks going for drugs, smoking and alcohol the mothers are not only unhealthy when they are having these babies, generally out of wedlock, and very young, but they are unable to or unwilling to take care of thm. This is just typical behavior of the poor all over Africa too. Infact, without significant white genes, like in North and west Africa, the Africans have an IQ of 70, which we deem retarded in white civilization. The sad fact is, you can’t get a job that isn’t a stupid job, and a low wage even unless you have at least an 85 IQ. That only comes with being a mixed race Black. So when you see the high black on black crime in the ghetto, it is generally the stupid and unemployed ones killing or beating up the smarter mixed Uncle Toms. This is sad. I heard that right after a 5 year old kid refused to steal candy with some other kids, they were tossed off the roof of this housing project. That is how the gang mentality of blacks works. Watch out if they are crossed or snitched on! That is why the people were always warned to stay away from the ghetto. . .the people there are cruel and only out for themselves. Come to find out that is due to low empathy from low Oxitocin of their whole race. Add to that the high testosterone their race has, causing low impulse control, rage and passion, you have a volitile combination that results in high crime, and inability to get a job or keep it. Even retarded whites can be useful parts of society, as they are team players and not violent, but pure black people act ghetto wherever they are in the world, and it is simply in their blood. Excusing their neighborhoods as anyone’s fault but theirs is sheer idiocy. I mean like, why is the litter all over the area? Why is there no such thing as a family? Why does no one even try to start little home businesses like doing hair, or shopping or massaging or the like? Lazy, entitled, stupid and violent blacks expect the government to support them, and yet aren’t even doing work in return. Slavery was a fair trade IMO, as they can do nothing else when they have a low IQ. . .the mixed blacks belong in a category all their own though. (Bi-racial.) With a mix you never know what parent they will take after, just as when you breed a purebred poodle with a purebred bulldog. Dark color is dominant, but high IQ also seems to often be. . .and thus you get the dark and intelligent Nigerians for instance. People need to know more about the pure breeding stock in order to understand racial differences. (Rednecks being in highly mixed areas according to DNA sites.) When they do it will show us all, we are not even close to the same, and race is far from a social construct, it stems from two species: Neanderthal and homo erectus. Rant over.

    • harvey2654 January 15, 2015 at 7:09 pm · Reply

      You can’t be serious, right?

      • Angela January 16, 2015 at 7:39 am · Reply

        I’m dead serious. I am a researcher and blogger on race and it’s been my passion for 5 years now.

        • Shane Carmen Dietz April 23, 2015 at 7:18 pm · Reply

          No sweetie you are not some privileged little white girl with a college education or a blogger.. YOU ARE A RACIST. plain and simple …how dare you make the statements you made about African Americans? White genes make African Americans better..smarter? I never got a grade below an A or a B in college or grad school…and all my relatives are black…not white…and anyway its been scientifically proven that the first humans were Ethiopian Africans…in otherwords they were black. You are pitifully deceived if you think what you are doing is research or blogging. You are only trying to find evidence to support your horribly racist attitudes and you need to pray to God to deliver you from racism but if you are this loathing and envious of black people there is no way that you could possibly believe in God…your soul is in the balance.. You need spiritual help miss..I really feel sorry for you…you remind me of Saul…a devout Jew who killed Christians for the government. He thought he was doing God a service until he had an encounter with Jesus who asked him “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” I ask you the same question Angela…why do you persecute the LordJesus – because your persecution of His people is really persecution of him. You are a racist masquerading as a researcher and anyone who follows you racist ranting in your blog is a racist too. I have a Masters degree and my email address is ineedakidney12 if you would like to reply to me personally. I hope you do.

          • Curts Jackson August 1, 2015 at 3:25 pm ·

            Hey shane I made the mistake of getting into a retort with the idiot named Angela she so full of sh and tired that it took me several paragraphs to literally see that you are entirely right she is a racist idiot not worthy of any response from anyone. Every time she responds she goes into a rant about the percentage of white blood in the blacks that paved the way for equality in history and of course in her dim and demented eyes white people are angels from heaven and auspicious what a sad joke, I also figure that many elected officials and whites in power most likely share her sentiments and I am sure along the same lines of rhetoric as Angela. Oh I wish I knew who she actually is and I bet she is a Professor or God forbid a judge or someone in power .
            I get her protected position like that of delusional and foolish whites that join Alice in wonderland to comfort their conscience and quench their guilt but in their hearts they know the truth. I am officially done with that purposely ignorant woman and I hope others on here follows suit she obviously lives for this crap.

          • groovamos August 20, 2015 at 7:44 am ·

            Shane I just retired from a career doing board level hardware design/ system analysis with two degrees in electrical engineering. I had a lucrative career doing this with degrees from Vanderbilt and UT Austin. Over my entire career I NEVER ONCE met or saw a black person doing this kind of work and I met or saw hundreds of engineers on the job, at seminars given by chip manufacturers, and meetings with sale representatives. All of the engineers doing this kind of work are Asian or white. Angela is just doing what I do, she observes. But apparently she makes a hobby of studying it. Smashing your head against the wall with your angry tirade against what she sees is not doing you any good and your opinion does not make her evil. My college career started in 1968 which was the end of the civil rights movement, and 47 years later I’ve seen zero evidence of blacks moving into the highest levels of technical/mathematical expertise. Political correctness does not make you correct. If you want to call me a horrible racist then you will have to explain to yourself why I give Asians equal credit for achievement in my field.

        • evan December 15, 2016 at 3:02 pm · Reply

          well you’re still an idiot.

      • Craig December 1, 2015 at 8:58 pm · Reply

        What is this sick racial talk. You seem to have some problem with low IQ. Even Hitlers henchmen got sick of war and death. They vomited at the death camps. Death is not the answer to societies problems. Grow up and work on solutions.

    • Tameeka Suchaladiijones Jones February 17, 2015 at 11:29 am · Reply


      • Angela March 17, 2015 at 5:46 am · Reply

        I am fully aware some good came out of those housing projects. . .a white mayor admitted he came from there, and no doubt some blacks actually did get jobs. Maybe there were some mixed ones in the crowd. The potential of a pure black -as found in Africa, and parts of America (mainly in the South)- with an average IQ of 70, is not at all promising though. You won’t be able to get a job unless your IQ is about 85, which is only found in mixed blacks. So if you want to defend the projects because they weren’t too bad for drugs, I get it. Sure whites do some drugs, healthy ones mostly. They also drink wine more.Both of these are smart and affordable behavior for them. Blacks spend money they don’t have on idiot things, all the time! Even the mixed ones doing fine buy the nicest cars, and all namebrand and flashy clothes to try to outdo eachother. Like monkeys trying to push to the top and prove they are more dominant, they show off in everything they do. This is due to their high level of testosterone. This makes them seek for dominance and be more aggressive and crime prone. If we needed more evidence for why their areas turn to crime ghettos, their Oxytocin is also low. That is the hormone for bonding and trust, and without normal levels of it, government and civil behavior is impossible. The racial differences in the brain alone, much less the glands, bones, muscles, etc. are abundantly obvious that blacks came from a different species, and still show their primitive roots. (Homo erectus.) While whites are from the Neanderthal, who originated the big brain, and intelligence, proven by genetics now. Pure SubSaharan blacks have no white and no Neanderthal in them, thus no gene for intelligence. Their small brain, small head and low IQ matches what the homo erectus was. . .they are basically another species still!

        • nophables April 18, 2015 at 9:46 pm · Reply

          This is the most asinine pile of horse shit I’ve read in a long time… outside of religious dogma that is.

          • Angela April 19, 2015 at 7:35 pm ·

            That is what is called an ad hominem attack, with not a shred of evidence to debate what I said. If you have something to say, make it intelligent, or shut up.

          • Curts Jackson July 31, 2015 at 12:23 pm ·

            Oh I get it Angela living an experience in your educationally filled brain doesnt equal to the vast superior levels of degrees that you obviously managed to obtain. So with that being said I also know you and others like you will hide behind intellect to cover the lingering effects of racism and all that goes with it.
            Subsequently I wanted to personally tell you that you are not worthy of an explanation of anything in the black experience much less an additional conversation concerning it.

            Angela I deal with Whites like yourself who live everyday life with their head crammed to the top of their asses convenient when you are white and rarely face reality. I dont have that choice therefore this and your statements of fact can go straight to hell.

          • Angela July 31, 2015 at 2:15 pm ·

            You are obviously defensive and black, and I understand your perspective, as I hear it every day, and use to fall for it too. I come from a family who were very empathetic to the plight of the Africans, or minorities in general. My Grandparents spent 35 years helping Liberia get set up as a free state, and being missionaries to your people. He was looked on as a god in numerous countries in Africa, but especially Africa. My mother was born and raised in Africa, and still helps fund an orphanage founded in my Grandmothers name. I was set to take the place of my Grandparents in Africa, until I got an education about religion, and then race. . .

            You have dealt with no whites like me, because I am not aware of a single one like me out there. I have great empathy and pity for all animals, and blacks fit that bill when pure. The fact is, if you have an IQ over 54, are taller than a pygmy, or are in America or Europe and are not obese, you are a large part European genes. . .but probably don’t even know it.

            I have done much research on genetics, and all those “beautiful african traits” like being thin, tall, high cheekbones, long hair, etc. are all from white admixture anciently. Yes, it may be called Neanderthal, Hebrew, middle eastern, North African, Berber, etc. but it is still white. Sorry.

          • Curts Jackson July 31, 2015 at 2:55 pm ·

            With that said Angela those of us that are black and proud are not going to come from your specific utopia of the history you mentioned. I dont appreciate being called an animal as if that equates your term for non whites and or minorities. So It also proves my point whites that want the elitism that comes from your projected place in society its not surprising and actually expected sad but true.
            Angela its sad that you dont really share the in depth care and concern that your grandparents I am sure hoped to have passed down its ashamed. My suggestion is if the day ever comes and if you can take a long look in the mirror and see that you a hypocrite and so full of attempting at being superior that now YOU have become the problem. End of story.

          • Angela July 31, 2015 at 6:56 pm ·

            You are mixed black and proud of only what is white in you, I can guarantee! I have traced every trait blacks are proud of to their white source, generally the Neanderthal. You may have no clue you are a mix, but I could tell you all the white traits you blacks select for and you would see that you are not pure.

            My point is, whether or not a white thinks they are superior to another race, which of course we are all wired to think of our family, team, etc. the fact is, if your team was chosen by the other side, time and time again as the best, you might start to believe the other team thought it, whether or not you did!

            Blacks select for not just white traits in Africa (and have consequently found very few if any pure Africans have survived) but whites all over the world. This is seen in black on white rape, compared to the white on black rape stats, as well as interracial dating stats and interracial marriage stats, which show heavy selection of whites by blacks, but rejection of blacks by whites.

            If anything, I am concerned that a pure black may not exist anymore, and your own people have selected out pure blacks as unfit for a white man’s world. If it is not true, why are 1 out of 4 black babies aborted? Why is black on black murder so high? I do feel bad for blacks, but most of that is for their ignorance of their history and genetics. Everything you believe about your history is wrong, Your kings and queens were all the first bi-racials, and they were the first ones to go into white civilizations and destroy them. We can now trace it to high testosterone levels that cause the violence, low oxytocin levels that cause the lack of civil empathy, and low IQ that cause a dumbing down of civilization. . .all of which are still seen in average black levels.(The exceptions are lucky mixes.)

          • Curts Jackson August 1, 2015 at 12:48 am ·

            Angela next time you encounter racism which you wont ask any one black if when they were beaten killed and or discriminated if the white idiot that did it too them asked how much white blood was in their system.? Lets start and end there. GET A LIFE.

          • Angela August 1, 2015 at 10:28 am ·

            Discrimination is called judgment, and it is a good thing for your safety to discriminate against those who are likely to be violent. This is proven to be tied to testosterone and lacking empathy with low Oxytocin. Blacks have both high aggression/testosterone levels, and low Oxytocin/trust, love, empathy. So if you hear a story from a perspective of a typical black person, it is likely a lie or presumption based on denying their own part in it. I have seen so many videos of altercations between whites and blacks, and they all go the same. The only exceptions are the professor type blacks who obviously show a high IQ, and are wealthy. They are generally treated as a white, but still likely shouldn’t be. The rich blacks often end up just as violent and unempathetic as the poor ones. Take Bill Cosby for instance. . .

          • groovamos August 20, 2015 at 7:20 am ·

            Yes curtis easy for you to ignore the massacre of whites now isn’t it? More than twice as many whites are murdered by blacks than vice versa in the USA. Since there are 6x as many whites in the population, this calculates out statistically to a black man being 12 times more likely to kill me than a white man killing a black. So we are really not sympathetic to your bitching about racism, but we will bitch about the lack of progress of 1/2 the black population which is stuck in reverse for the last 30 years. And it seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, just look at black majority countries never to be developed.

          • Curts Jackson August 20, 2015 at 8:25 am ·

            I could give less than a damn about your freaking sympathy and your obvious racist and stupid view of the world go figure.I cant speak for the majority but I know there are additional situations that make all of the deplorable conditions in the black community worse. most of them helped by stupid ass whites like you. So I ll end here and await the miracle when you pull your head out your ass.

          • Angela September 29, 2015 at 9:43 am ·

            Either you are black and proud from a belief that you have good genes out of sheer arrogance and high testosterone, or because of evidence that you are doing well. Either way, the things that you believe to be good from blacks is likely a white thing originally. One exception being large male parts, mentioned in the Bible as a trait of the gentiles, being called “genitals of donkeys.” The gentiles were originally called beasts of the field, and not human, and this is just a fact, whether or not you like it.

            I do not prefer my own species out of hate for another, but selection always goes toward your own. It is not supremacy to admit what is fact, but if we look to selection to show supremacy, the genes out of the womb of nations have propagated the entire world, except a small number of people still pure black. The genes from the middle east, those of the original Jews, brought with them a high IQ, better immunity, and better looks (as they were associated with the latter traits, and became highly desired, even if different from the original ones on earth.)

            Not being religious, but taking ancient history from all the sources, i have to admit that there was a chosen people, and they were known to be a different people, started from Adam and Eve. . .I believe it is clear that they were white. Science shows that if they were white, and the oldest “people” , evolving slowly from monkeys and numerous on the earth at the time were black, then all the selection for white genes from the pure blacks, who are nearly extinct, shows who are superior. Most whites are still pure, and from a Y chromosome Adam the rest of the world outside of some pure blacks tie to.

          • Round and Round We Go November 10, 2015 at 10:08 am ·

            There are plenty of whites like you. They even have a club.

          • groovamos August 20, 2015 at 8:08 am ·

            Whites “live everyday life with their head crammed to the top of their asses” is quite the sentiment of an angry racist and I would be frankly adverse to being in your presence and would avoid hiring you. Not a very smart statement from you either since I don’t know if there is a top to an ass.

          • Angela September 29, 2015 at 9:50 am ·

            Hell is an evolved myth, just like black intelligence. Racism is simply natural selection for your own, and protection of them as well. The only exceptions being out of admixture and confusion with blacks, and pathological altruism with whites. Experiences are born out of hormone levels of distrust, and the way your propaganda and hate filled community colors your world, as opposed to a trusting and loving and low aggressive community hiding the evidence of racial differences and their origins, like mine does. As a black person you live reality, and I say that i generally earned, but in the rare case it isn’t it is due to misunderstanding of a mutt being like their pure parent, just because they happen to come out looking like one parent over the other. It is sad to see how many whites have children with blacks and have black kids that are presumed to act just as stupid and violent as their dark parent. Color really means little, except that you had one black in the closet.

          • Curts Jackson September 29, 2015 at 6:39 pm ·

            Again Angela I am not interested in your theories and what you want others to digest to be the truth to be honest with you, I dont care about what race is pure and your version of religion etc etc etc etc etc. I am clear that you are in the minority of arrogant bigots that love to blow your own horn in between bragging about your years of research and how educated your and so on and so forth. Yawn. Angela not now or ever will I get into another exchange with you and your ever so white ass. And speaking of the closet Ill stay in it just to shield myself from another stupid ass commentary from you.

          • Diane Stearns July 5, 2016 at 11:31 am ·

            I absolutely loved your reply. Thank you !!!

      • Curts Jackson August 1, 2015 at 3:33 pm · Reply

        Tameka you are wasting your time attempting to get through to this idiot she will take everything you say and use it to make her look like the intellect typical and tired and oh so damn white. She does the same thing with everyone that comes at her read all the responses etc.
        ” i used to me sensitive ” I this I that bullshit and of course she has studied and has stats to show this and that but cant explain why there is white trash and why whites who are so damn smart and professional yet have borrowed trillions from the Chinese government to continue to live on a cloud of fake credit and an empty ass economy? Further more if being white was the merit of character in any society and they have the freaking answer for life then why did they need 300 years of free servants to build their fucking society . I wish Angelas ass was here so I could spit right in her self righteous face dumb bitch. Shed probably like it to be honest.

    • Leah September 22, 2015 at 3:30 pm · Reply

      African Americans were brought to this country as slaves. They were not provided an education. Upon freedom, they were discriminated against in almost every area from jobs, to housing, to education etc. There is still institutional racism occurring and some of the very programs in place to “so called” help the poor, are actually working to keep them right where they are. There is not a culture in America that does not have its poor, consumer obsessed, rapists, murderers, etc. The disproportionate number of blacks that fall into these categories stems from the history of slavery and racism in this country. If you actually believe your genetic research and are not just using it out of context as a passport to be a racist, what is your solution? Send all the blacks back to Africa? Genocide? What do you suggest we do with all the stupid people, the stupid Whites and Asians included? Do we just let them kill themselves off or breed themselves white as you say they will? Seriously, I am curious what you are trying to prove with your research? What are you trying to accomplish? Although I am deeply saddened by how you speak about other human beings, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just want to know what yours is worth? Is your goal to be the next Hitler?

      • Angela September 23, 2015 at 7:53 am · Reply

        Sorry but the evidence points to discrimination being earned and out of justified protection of our own. Blacks make very bad employees, can not handle money when they get it, even when they have a higher IQ. The reasons are biological, traced to testosterone levels causing a lack of control, selfishness and aggression.

        The solutions could be to give the blacks lots of band-aids to help their genetic handicaps. Things like shots that lower testosterone, sprays that raise their oxytocin, fertility control for the ones in the ghetto, so they can start selecting for more high IQ white genes without fear of rape by the low IQ. etc. Or we could have a race war, where the only blacks with intelligence are forced to be on the side of the thugs. The best that would end in would be the exportation of the blacks. . .all of them. Wouldn’t it be better if they voted to control their genetics so that only the pure could breed,? So if they bought sperm from a pure black sperm bank. . .while all the rest were castrated, they could go back to Africa as a pure race. Of course Africa would need to implement a similar program for their baby boys. Imagine the AIDS stopping, the population plummeting, the crime and war dissolving. . .no one would buy sperm from a pure black though is the issue. They have an average of 54 IQ for one.

        • Leah September 24, 2015 at 11:00 am · Reply

          I think you just like to stir conflict, I feel sorry for you. You talk about a theory as if it has been proven and then use theory to develop unfounded racist views. No creditable scientist agrees with your viewpoint. I hope you heal from whatever event caused you to be such a hateful person. I will pray for you.

          • Angela September 24, 2015 at 3:52 pm ·

            I like to answer the questions that have plagued mankind for thousands of years, and if it causes conflict to expose the truth, than sure, I guess I do like to start conflict, or stir the pot, as I presume you meant. . .

            My theory is not a guess in my mind, so it is not that kind of theory. It is also not a proven and accepted hypothesis, so it is not a scientific theory either. It is simply the undeniable evidence that explains what we see, but few people know yet. I am the first to have put the hormone levels together with both behavior and racial differences, as well as showing how every single evidence of success, morality and intelligence leads to whites or blacks with a lot of admixture. (Signs of it being thin build, good looks, intelligence, etc.)

            If your people select out white characteristics in blacks even, are they not proving white supremacy?! Loving your own is natural, and what gets whites in trouble, but hating your own, and your pure characteristics is a sign of admitted inferiority and being unfit to survive. If you love black genetics, get them pure, or check out what pure looks like, and than breed for it in Africa to stay pure. We tried that once, and it was called inhumane to leave the blacks without help from the white man. In fact, when the whites pull out of a country in Africa, it immediately falls to civil war.

          • Leah September 24, 2015 at 4:16 pm ·

            If you had any undeniable evidence, which you do not, it still would not be reason to attempt to purify the races. Real scientists are still trying to figure out if homo erectus was from Asia or Africa, and you failed to mention the other variations. You ignore the undeniable facts in order to claim your superiority. Not all people view beauty the same, your assumption, without crediting the media for its influence misses the whole point. You come across as attempting to solve the world’s issues but you only blame a race and don’t say anything about capitalism or natural resources. Of course Africa will have civil war to fight for control of the resources the white man has been raping their country of for centuries. Imperialist nations, most under a guise of evngalism have been after the cause of every issue we have since industrialization – money and power. I disagree that loving only your own is natural, it’s taught and that is proven by studying children. I really pray that you get off your high horse and start to learn about and value ppl who are different from you. Your tenacity and curious mind could really make a difference if you just let go of your superiority.

          • Angela September 24, 2015 at 9:05 pm ·

            You are wrong on every point, as you come from presumption and distrust. These are typical of blacks, due to their selfish and distrusting levels of testosterone. Yes, chemicals change behavior, look up the effects of high testosterone.

            Scientists have proven everything I have said, but in a back handed way. No study that shows the behavioral effects of testosterone will tell you that there are racial differences, and no study saying there are racial differences will be in studying behavior, but health. The connections to the behaviors of high testosterone and low IQ is obvious enough to connect the blacks with everything that explains their failure in school, the workplace and life. . .but there is more ways of measuring intelligence. . .all of which the blacks fail miserably in!

            Consequently the abilities of the Blacks will be low, the potential will be low, and the inequality is inevitable without major cover ups like Affirmative action. Any self respecting and responsible black person with half a brain would be embarrassed by all the programs that make it easy for blacks to succeed. . .as if they have a handicap. The Asians, east Indians, Hispanics and Irish have all been slaves in North America, and they worked themselves up to way above the blacks, due to their higher IQ and ability to have a peaceful family unit and community. Blacks are not just violent to the whites, but they kill their own at astoundingly high rates!

            Blacks have been fit as only slaves in Africa because they have no idea how to use resources, get along with people, control themselves, and be empathetic. These are things that are prerequisites for civilization, and due to high oxytocin levels.

            You can tell a psychopath by their low levels, as well as a criminal, and someone who has no ability to follow the golden rule. Guess what, by average blacks have low Oxytocin too. Of course scientists will only note this in pain studies, as the perception of pain has to do with Oxytocin. . .

            Due to the predisposed selfishness, distrust, aggression and lack of empathy and morality,, and add the low IQ, blacks are at a serious disadvantage! Those who try to make them compete only hurt them. The divisions and helping with wells schools, hospitals and roads that whites have done has been very good for Africa, but all it does is help more survive, so more need help. They are more poor the more we help them. 12 billion a year to Africa, and nothing to show for it they say. They will be 20% more poor thanks to helping them live at higher rates.

            You apparently don’t realize the parasite blacks are to the world, but it is not a question of if I feel they are inferior, as a whole. . .they are by every standard and test! In fact, they know it, or they would not select so highly for white genes, and intermarry at so high a rate with any other race. . .though it is reciprocated at a very low rate! They murder their own by the rate of 8-9,000 a year, and that is not including the 1 out of 4 pregnancies that they chose to abort! I hear intelligent black woman say how they fear having a male child, and blog on how likely he will end up dead, in jail or a miserable failure according to stats. What they don’t realize is that if they are smart, from being a mix, likely their kids will be too. I make a distinction where few other blacks do. This lack of knowledge on heritage is what caused the Rwanda genicide, and what causes black on black crime today. The coons, Uncle Toms and ones acting white are getting killed by those who are more pure, as would happen in Africa without white man’s intervention. Pure blacks desire to kill any above them in status, due to their competitive and arrogant nature, just like primates. Because they have no empathy, with low Oxytocin. I will defend civilization against these thugs and make sure they get put behind bars like the monkeys they are. . .or sent back to Africa. The mixed and tamed blacks are another story, and have to be judged based on individual character, just like any mixed breed dogs need to be proven for temperament to see what side is dominant.

          • Leah September 25, 2015 at 11:36 am ·

            Where is your data? Are you published? Peer reviewed? Scientists have NOT been able to link genetics to criminal behavior on a scale that could justify genocide. You have failed to address critical points, explanation for other race bad behavior. Percentages of pure blacks vs mixed, especially in prison population, etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. You have a lot of holes in your idea and they are all filled with hate. It’s 2015, be innovative, come up with a better solution to the world’s problem. Genocide is old school and we are doing it to ourselves anyway in more ways than crime. Processed food, pollution it’s killing us all. Blacks didn’t create consumerism, rich white folks did and you scoff at it working on blacks but don’t mention that whites do the exact same thing! Welfare is a joke but more white than black use it. So many issues, so little time. Nice talking with you, still praying you remove the hate from your heart and use that big brain of yours for something useful.

          • Angela September 28, 2015 at 8:55 am ·

            I have no holes when genetics and admixture is accounted for. I have blogged on most of that, I just do not care to waste my time restating it here.

            Consumerism is a deep conversation, but minorities are a huge part of the trashing the planet with what whites make, and would use or recycle. . .minorities simply lack the responsability, morality and empathy to care about the world.

            Speaking of lacking empathy, psychotic behavior and hate is from lacking oxytocin, the “moral molecule”. Blacks have much lower levels than whites, evidenced in massive research of both behavioral things and studies on pain, which is believed to be raised due to low Oxytocin.

            Being a woman, who has all the signs of a very high oxytocin level, I am confirmed to be filled with it, and thus love, which protects it’s own, as a mother protects her babies. In fact, high levels of the “cuddle hormone” almost guarantee the supposed “dark side” of oxytocin, “racism”. In other words, it is loving and natural to defend your own against attack. Case closed.

    • Theodore Lewis August 1, 2016 at 12:48 am · Reply

      NOt everyone was using and dealing Drugs ,People use a broad brush to paint a bleak portrait.There were college educate people and soild middle kids that grew up and out of the Robert Taylor homes.I lived thre with my mom and dad,who held minimum wage jobs saved and bought a single family home.

  8. Philo Kvetch April 10, 2015 at 2:34 pm · Reply

    There is a very interesting documentary available on Netflix on the Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis that recounts some of the same problems that existed in the RTH:

  9. Ladyb December 1, 2015 at 12:46 pm · Reply

    As a child spent alot of time in robert taylor homes, 1978 to 1982 wasn’t as bad as it look from the outside

  10. WIltonguy45 June 16, 2016 at 1:53 pm · Reply

    The first residents of the RTH were thrilled to be there. Most had never had anything new, let alone a new highrise apartment.

    The buildings were gleaming when they first opened. The apartments had new modern kitchen appliances, modern bathrooms and were designed to be easy to clean and maintain. There were windows on each side of the units so there was cross venilation and natural light. The open balcony concept was created to provide residents access to the outdoors and fresh air.

    The buildings were first occupied by nuclear families where both a father and mother were in the home and almost all of the people worked. By the late 1960’s the buildings had started to fall into disrepair due to the policies of the CHA.

    There was never enough money budgeted to maintain the buildings. As the buildings went down hill, those families who could afford to move out and up did so, leaving only the poorest behind. The CHA started letting anyone live there, mostly single mothers who never worked and their fatherless children. From the early 1970’s on the buildings became a nightmare overun with gangs, drugs and violence.

    The complex did not need to be a failure. Had money and staff been adequate to maintain the buildings. Security should have been in every building and support services in place to help reduce pregnancies and help educate the single mothers living there.

    There was no private investment either, no influx of jobs to the area, no services or even grocery stores. Had the entire pie been in place these buildings could have been safe homes for thousands of people. Sad that so much money was thrown away to build them only to tear them down less than 50 years later.

  11. sugarntasty December 11, 2016 at 1:59 pm · Reply

    Plenty of bias when construction segregated understand the politics and tricks funding for grants benefit construction. Industry besides the “Jim Crow” laws during 50’s era to retain the status quota” Whites along veterans gotten deferred loans to
    live. Suburbans projects where migrate workers whom believe co-dependency of Democrats noting change. Wow rendering former projects of C.H.A whom chief is
    Eugene Jones is there difference same inept policies friends. Ed Lee and London
    Breed of San Francisco whom influence RAD loan of $770 million 2015 without increasing the density. Yeah plaque with apathy geographically equivalent to NYC,
    Philly,L.A and Arkron abuse public funding HOPE IV funds demolish projects. Buildings victimized attitudes still prevalent or should go away Oprah and Eugene Jones police chief Eddie Jones any suggestions? Reminds of San Francisco termination top” cop then hired interim “Toney Chaplin whom friends of Eddie Jones failed appease social. Respect of Chicago gangs running streets where is solidarity!

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  13. legnica January 16, 2017 at 2:27 pm · Reply

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