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Additional Programs


Many students are interested in taking advantage of CED's rich array of programs and courses, either to test the intellectual waters or gain a new set of technical skills. A good way to do either is by adding an undergraduate minor or enrolling in a concurrent degree program. CED offers seven undergraduate minors, and a range of concurrent degree programs both within the college and beyond. In addition, some undergraduates are keen to choose their own path, by designing an individual major.


Undergraduate Majors

Along with majors in architecture, landscape architecture, sustainable environmental design and urban studies, CED offers an individual major for students who wish to explore an area of study appropriate to the college but not available through one of the other undergraduate major programs.

Undergraduate Minors

The undergraduate minor programs at CED are designed to complement the college major programs. Minor programs, both within and outside CED, offer CED students the opportunity to broaden the major field and develop specialized knowledge and skills in related areas of interest.

Minors Within CED
Minors Outside CED

Minors in other schools and colleges at UC Berkeley of particular interest to CED students include (but are not limited to):


Concurrent Graduate Programs

Recognizing the increasingly crucial need for professionals, teachers and scholars with the knowledge and skills of more than one discipline, graduate students at CED have a range of concurrent degree options.

Concurrent Programs Within CED
Concurrent Programs With Other Schools and Colleges

Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) provides an academic structure for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas around geospatial information and analysis. Geographic information science and technology, along with geostatistics and analysis of satellite imagery, have emerged as major cross-disciplinary tools used in academic research, industrial applications, and public policy analysis. Learn more